Privacy Policy

Below is our privacy policy statement that will give you more information about how our business handles your personal information. Since privacy is important to us, this policy is intended to inform you of our rules and procedures, legal terms, and disclaimers regarding the sensitive information collected from our customers. If you do not agree with the privacy policy terms below, please do not initiate or continue to do business with our company.

Company and Website Usage

By using our website and conducting business with us, you are agreeing to the terms within this privacy policy. If you do not agree with the privacy policy terms below, please do not initiate or continue to do business with Applianceparts4All.

Customer Privacy

While our business does collect your personal information, we only share this information with participating affiliates and third-party vendors. Our company uses a range of media companies for promotional purposes. We accept full responsibility for the privacy policy terms revealed on this website. When you decided to business with us you automatically agree to allow our company to store your personally identifiable information. We may also notify you of your account via e-mail or by phone.

Please rest assured that your personal information will be protected and kept private in our secure database. None of your personal information will be shared with anyone other than participating lenders in our network and our affiliates.

Links to Third Party Websites

Please be advised that our company will never purposely sell your personal information to other companies. Your personal information will be shared with third-party businesses and affiliates that are a part of our business network. Please beware that these other companies may contact you for additional information or share information about their products and services. Since our website has different advertisements from these companies, it is possible that you may have to leave our website. Our company is not responsible for the actions of these third party businesses. Other companies will have their own distinct privacy policies. Please review them carefully to determine if you would still like to do business with that company or use their products and services. The privacy policy you're currently reviewing is only for our company. By willfully revealing your information on our website you give consent to share your personal information with our company and additional third parties with your consent.

A personal information will also be shared if it is required by a legal or government authority. If our company receives a subpoena or request to reveal your personal information, our company must comply in order to uphold certain laws. Our company also has the ability to disclose your information if we find that your actions may potentially harm, or have harmed our business or others. Lastly, your information may be shared if there is a sale, merger, or acquisition of Applianceparts4All.

Notification of changes to privacy policy

Our privacy policies may change over time and be updated at our discretion. Please visit our privacy policy frequently to make sure that you are up to date on any of the latest changes. If you notice any discrepancies or have questions about the overall privacy policy, please contact us.

Your Personal Information

We collect your personal and non-personal information when you decide to do business with our company. Personally identifiable information may include information like your name, address, phone number and driver's license. Information about your job, income and banking information will also be collected. You may also be asked to verify who you are with personally identifiable information when contacting our company for security reasons. Non personal information, which does not reveal specific information about a person, may also be shared with additional businesses and our networks for marketing and promotional purposes.

Personal information regarding your IP address an additional tracking information will also be stored in our database. This will allow us to collect more information about our customers and improve our marketing efforts.


Cookies, which are an electronic way for companies to discover how a visitor found our company, are enabled on our website. Cookies do not have any personal information and are stored on your computer. If you decide to reject cookies from our website, you may not be able to see everything on our website or have full optimization. Our company uses cookies to identify customers and authentication purposes. Cookies used by third party businesses are not regulated by our company. Please contact our affiliates and other businesses in our network if you have questions regarding their cookie tracking policies.


We strive to keep your personal information safe and secure based on the federal and state legal requirements to protect your information. We also make sure our employees are informed about the different state and federal privacy laws. Our company has a security process that allows us to potentially protect your personally identifiable information from being illegally distributed. However, if there is a security breach, our company will not be liable for any theft or harmful damages that comes from illegal activity.

Security on Our Website

By using our website you agree that our company may use cookies, or small tracking files, that transmits and stores certain information about your computer to our company's servers. We guarantee that the information collected by our cookies is only used to enhance your experience as a customer and improve our product offerings and customer service. This information will never be shared with or sold to companies outside of our network.

Our company uses SSL, or a Security Socket Layer, to successfully transmit sensitive financial and customer information through our website. A Security Socket Layer is the industry standard for encrypting personal information online.

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