What our customers say:

"I have a Kenmore washing machine and the agitator just happened to go out one day. I was browsing around on the Internet trying to find a good deal and I came across this website. One word to describe this website is AMAZING! They have a wide selection of appliance parts to choose from and I was actually able to find another part I needed for a different appliance that I had been spending months trying to find. This website is great too; they had a special deal that helped save 10 percent off the purchase price. You guys are amazing; thanks for the prompt service too!" - Bill (Wixom, Michigan)

"I am a technician at an appliance repair store and I needed to find a part for a stove. This website appeared in my search results list and I was curious, so I took a look. I'm glad I did. The website design is wonderful and it's really easy to find the exact brand and year you need. It even has fully detailed pictures of the part and diagrams to describe where it goes. I had a minor issue with my order and they were able to correct it within minutes after I contacted them. Truly a great shopping experience." - Mark (Tampa, Florida)

"My dishwasher had died and the technician I hired needed me to buy a very specific part. He gave me a picture of it and I was able to find it on your website without any problems. I needed extra help deciding on exactly the part I needed, and your support specialists were able to get the job done and get my order fulfilled correctly. It arrived in a few days, it was properly packaged, and the part made my dishwasher come back to life again. Thanks!" - Erin (Cleveland, Ohio)